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Angie Maze, Scheduling Coordinator, is available to help you in any way she can. She's happy to coordinate between your office and opposing counsel's office and will follow up as you request.

When you contact us, it's helpful if you can let us know which days will work for you and your client, the nature of the case, any court imposed deadlines or any other matter that may come into play in our getting your case set for mediation.

With regard to reserving a day for your mediation, we are frequently asked to hold dates while clients and opposing parties are contacted. Because other clients are often looking at the same dates you are considering, we can hold your requested date for 24 hours. Please know we look forward to working with you and will do everything we can to help you in coordinating a time that will work for all involved.

Download M Beth Krugler's Mediation Fee Schedule.

Primary Location - Fort Worth

Full Day

$1300 per party

Unless otherwise agreed, full days are 9:30 am - 5:00 pm

Half Day

$550 per party

Unless otherwise agreed, sessions are from 9:00 am--12:30 pm or from 1:30 pm--5:00 pm


$450 per party (two hour minimum)

Hourly mediations are scheduled on an agreed upon basis with any additional time billed at $225 per party per hour.

Dallas & Locations within 100 miles

Full Day

$1500 per party

Houston, Austin & Locations beyond 100 miles

Full Day

$1650 per party


Unless the parties prefer utilizing another location,
Ms. Krugler provides offices in both Houston and Dallas.

Should mediation extend beyond the time scheduled, each party will be billed an additional hourly fee of $150.

No additional charge for travel other than transportation (cab & airfare) unless the timing of the mediation requires an overnight stay.  In that case, a pro rata sharing of reasonable travel expenses will be billed following mediation.

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